15 Jun, 2019

News Feed - June 10/15

by Food&Migration

‘The migration problem is a coffee problem’

Coffee prices have plunged globally due to swelling supplies and Central American farmers can’t make ends meet. Many of them decided to go north, regardless of attempts by U.S. government to stem the migration flow.

The Washington Post

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WFP Fact sheet: Hunger & conflict - June 2019

The single greatest challenge to achieving Zero Hunger is armed conflict. War leads to greater food insecurity. And, in its turn, food insecurity increases the chances of unrest and violence.

World Food Programme

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Shortage Occupation List review criticised for not including farm workers

As many as 60,000 seasonal workers a year are currently needed to plant, pick, grade and pack over nine million tonnes and 300 types of fruit, vegetable and flower crops in Britain.


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Treasuring the cultural and heritage dimensions of the Mediterranean diet

FAO Director-General calls for greater promotion of sustainable, local diets such as the Mediterranean diet, which has successfully combined the available food in the region, often grown by family farmers, for thousands and thousands of years.


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