21 Oct, 2019

News Feed - October 14/20

by Food&Migration

In Tortellini at Midnight, Emiko Davies tells the story of a family's migration through food

'One of the things I’ve always been drawn to in terms of Italian food is the fact that every single region has such a strong identity'

National Post

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Food security: EU allocates €15 million to Niger

The European Commission has approved the donation of €15 million to Niger’s Treasury. The funding granted under the European Development Fund is intended to finance the sectoral reform agreement, “Food and nutritional security and sustainable agricultural development (CRS-SANAD),” the Commission said in a statement.

The North Africa Post

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Ingredients for a new life: how cooking helps refugees and migrants blend in

There is nothing unusual about this scene, except that this restaurant, a non-profit enterprise named Emma’s Torch, has a specific mission: to teach refugees, migrants and survivors of human trafficking, new culinary skills, so they can build a better life in the US.

UN News

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‘They Go to Work, Come Back, and Starve.’ Why Immigrant Families Are Avoiding Food Assistance

Even though the ‘Public Charge’ rule has been blocked, fewer immigrants nationwide are accessing SNAP and other programs. But food assistance groups aren't giving up.

Civil Eats

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