08 Sep, 2019

News Feed - September 2/8

by Food&Migration

Damage to land feed migration and conflict: U.N. official

Vast swathes of land, from Africa to the Middle East, are being left useless by climate shifts and human pressures such as deforestation, mining and farming, threatening to hike migration and conflict, a senior U.N. environmental official warned. 


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One day, Mau Forest will bear strange East African fruits

Climate change could remake Africa’s borders in ways only the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 did. Its consequences are in plain sight in the form of food insecurity, conflict and migration and financial instability. 

Daily Nation

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Land degradation a major threat but avoidable. So why the inaction

'None of the countries have set numerical targets for land degradation neutrality'.

Down to Earth

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India‘s ghost villages: Food and water scarcity forcing many to leave 

Prolonged droughts and crop failures are causing some Indian villages to empty. For the women and elderly left behind, it‘s a struggle. As temperatures continue to rise, there‘s little hope their loved ones will return.

Langdon Ledger

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Starvation to hit Zimbabwe

Food security is a matter of strategic national importance. Issues of food security affect us all regardless of colour, Creed and political affiliation.  The issue of food security caused migration from the days of our forefathers and many a government have been over thrown because of food security.


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