23 Sep, 2019

News Feed - September 16/22

by Food&Migration

Africa’s climate crisis, conflict, and migration challenges

Links between the climate crisis and migration are intensifying in West Africa, where many people work in sectors vulnerable to climate-related extremes of weather and sea level rise. 


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Trump admin ignored its own evidence of climate change's impact on migration from Central America

An internal report obtained by NBC News showed migration surged from those areas where climate change is hurting crops and farmers.


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Strengthening Land Rights Will Curb Migration

What the US faces on its southern border is not a security problem, but a humanitarian crisis, and punishing attempts at deterrence cannot resolve it. Enabling people to stay where they are requires, first and foremost, strengthening their right to be there.

Project Syndicate

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Climate change poses more threats to women – Research

Mr Martin Segtub, a Climate Change Communications Researcher has said climate change poses more threats to women than men especially in developing countries.

Business Ghana

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