07 Oct, 2019

News Feed - Sep. 30/Oct. 6

by Food&Migration

Bangladesh’s latest challenge: Securing migrant women’s rights

According to a government report, 35% of returned migrants have faced abuse in many forms from slave-like working conditions to sexual abuse.

Dhaka Tribune

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Hydropower Boom in Laos Likely to Damage Food Security and Increase Poverty

Significant concerns have been raised about the environmental impacts of the Luang Prabang dam, in particular, and the construction of large dams along the Mekong in general. Among these concerns is the possibility that dam building will contribute to drought. Similarly, fish stocks are expected to decline due to changes in migration patterns.

Future Directions

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Island populations are migrating to safer ground

Climate change could be influencing people to migrate from the Republic of the Marshall Islands, a coral atoll in between Australia and Hawaii, according to a recent study. 


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Millions face starvation if Horn of Africa food supplies aren't protected from climate change

UN warns climate stress from poor rainfall has made region hotter and drier, affecting crops, livestock and livelihoods.


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Down the Hunger Spiral: Pathways to the Disintegration of the Global Food System

For a precarious global agricultural system with powerful feedback loops, business as usual means widespread hunger and embedded systemic risk. 

Council on Foreign Relations

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