28 Oct, 2019

News Feed - October 21/27

by Food&Migration

How Asia’s small farmers can harness technology to combat climate change and improve food security

As climate change makes farming harder and more unpredictable, Asia’s millions of smallholder farmers need innovation and technology to tackle pests and crop diseases, to better meet the region’s growing food demand

South China Morning Post

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Despite having enough food, humanity risks hunger ‘crises’

Despite producing more food than it can consume, humanity risks a menacing mix of “food crises” brought on by social inequalities, environmental degradation, climate change and wars, a UN report warned Friday.

Jordan Times

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Food On The Edge 2019 explores the role of food in migration and identity

Food On The Edge 2019, which took place in Galway this week, saw more than 600 people attend to hear from some 50 of the world's best chefs and experience some of the best in Irish produce in the artisan food village.

Galway Advertiser

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Kenya: Acute Food Insecurity and Acute Malnutrition Situation July 2019 and Projection for August - October 2019

How severe, how many and when: In July 2019, estimated 2.6 Million people (19% of the population in ASAL) are classified in IPC phase 3 and/or worse acute food insecurity.


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