04 Nov, 2019

News Feed - Oct. 28/Nov. 3

by Food&Migration

Winter poses new threat to migrants in Bosnian forest camp

Hundreds of migrants from the Middle East and Asia living in a freezing camp in the forests of Bosnia are short of food and bedding and at growing risk as the bitter Balkan winter approaches, aid workers say. 


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IOM Appeals for Urgent Humanitarian Assistance as Flash Floods Displace Thousands in Somalia

The International Organization for Migration is appealing for urgent humanitarian support to thousands of flood-affected people in Somalia. Flash floods following heavy rains in parts of Somalia have displaced thousands of vulnerable people. In some of the worst hit areas, farms, infrastructure and roads have been destroyed, and livelihoods disrupted.

Africa News

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Migration of rural people

Who is responsible for the immigration of people from rural to urban areas? Urbanization is considered as the sign of modernization by all. Before explaining the facts behind the migration towards urban areas, I’d like to state that urbanization is not the only prominent aspect of modernization – there are many factors under modernization but only a few will be discussed in the subjected article.

The Nation

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Climate Change to Further Escalate Violence in Western Africa

Nearly 50 million people in west Africa rely on agriculture and livestock for their livelihood but the land available for pastoral use has been rapidly shrinking.

Ips News Agency

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