11 Nov, 2019

News Feed - Nov. 4/10

by Food&Migration

Access to water and improved water use efficiency are essential to reduce the vulnerability of rural communities to climate shocks in West Africa

Water scarcity is one of the major challenges of the 21st century and drylands are the most affected, including West Africa.

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Colombia: Impact of Early Warning Early Action - Boosting food security and social cohesion on the frontline of the migration crisis

The intensity and frequency of natural hazards and conflicts is increasing, and they are leaving in their wake an unprecedented level of humanitarian needs. Natural hazards alone occur nearly five times as often today as 40 years ago.


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Indian government’s food security programme will have the same problems as Aadhaar

The One Nation, One Ration Card programme has been set up with the aim of providing subsidised food to itinerant workers.


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