18 Nov, 2019

News Feed - Nov. 11/17

by Food&Migration

WFP, Partners to Strengthen Food Security, Disaster Risk Reduction

The WFP, Government of Liberia and partners recently conducted a two-day Integrated Context Analysis (ICA) technical and programmatic consultation seminar in Monrovia aimed at strengthening the design, planning and implementation of food security programs as well as disaster risk reduction and preparedness.

Liberian Observer

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Hunger, displacement and migration - A joint innovative approach to assessing needs of migrants in Libya

In Libya, IOM and WFP conducted joint analysis combining face-to-face and web-based interviews. 

Relief Web

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Jobs, food, climate change: What drives migrants toward Libya?

They leave because they lack an adequate income. They leave because they’re looking for better educational opportunities, because of the security situation at home, because there’s no food, and because of environmental and climate shocks.

Africa Times

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