01 Jun, 2020

News Feed - May 16-31

by Food&Migration

India’s Stay-at-Home Order Created a Migration Crisis

The current migration crisis in India is its biggest and worst since the Partition, it deserves due attention and action. This crisis is one of the deadliest consequences of the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the country, and likely a portent not only for India but perhaps the rest of the world. 


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UK benefits ban leaves migrants struggling for food during lockdown

Immigration policy leaves families without access to state aid as unemployment soars

Financial Times

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Lebanese prime minister: The coronavirus is pushing Lebanon toward a major food crisis

Once the breadbasket of the Eastern Mediterranean, Lebanon is facing a dramatic challenge that seemed unimaginable a decade ago: the risk of a major food crisis.

The Washington Post

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Libya and its migrants confront new threats

In February 2020, the Libya-Italy Memorandum of Understanding on Migration (LIMUM) was extended for another three years. LIMUM provides Italian support to Libyan maritime authorities to stop vessels and return asylum-seekers to detention camps in Libya—a flagrant violation of European Union and international norms and legislation.


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Less gratitude, please. How COVID-19 reveals the need for migration reform

One thing is clear: With COVID-19, we will all move much less, at least for a while. The virus has pretty much halted human mobility across the globe, and it looks increasingly likely that traveling across and between countries will remain restricted for the foreseeable future.  


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U.S. meatpacking industry relies on immigrant workers. But a labor shortage looms

The brothers, who declined to be identified for fear of workplace retaliation, are among roughly 175,000 immigrants in U.S. meatpacking jobs. The industry has historically relied on foreign-born workers — from refugees to people who entered the country illegally or overstayed their visas — for some of America’s most dangerous jobs. 

Los Angeles Times

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Millions of Indians Are Fleeing Cities, Raising Fears of a Coronavirus ‘Land Mine’ in Villages 

A historic reverse-migration to rural regions is under way: ‘The situation in our area is like a hidden land mine waiting to explode’ 

The Wall Street Journal

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'Cynical': Critics slam Italy's amnesty for undocumented migrants

New measure that grants temporary permits to migrants in agriculture and care work is act of 'cynicism', activists say.


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