31 May, 2021

News Feed - May 16-31

by Alessandro Balduzzi

Scientists To EU: Grow More Legumes In For Sustainable & Nutritious Food System

Producing more beans, peas and lentils offers a far more sustainable and nutritious approach to European agriculture, scientists say in a new study. According to the research, adding legumes to traditional crop rotations can significantly reduce the use of pesticides and fertilisers, slashing emissions in line with the European Green Deal, while promoting a transition to healthier diets.

Green Queen

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Cities are at the front lines of climate and migration

The climate crisis – and a related rise in food insecurity - is rapidly becoming a key driver of migration; in 2019, 72 percent of new displacements were climate-related. Many of these journeys lead to cities. That’s why mayors must get a seat at the climate policy-making table.


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China Mourns Death of Man Who Saved Millions From Hunger

Chinese agronomist Yuan Longping developed first commercially viable hybrid rice varieties  to boost rice harvests during the Cultural Revolution era. Food security and self-sufficiency remain at the forefront of China’s political agenda, especially ahead of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party this year.


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Preventing the spread of plant pandemics 

Plant diseases don't stop at national borders and miles of oceans don't prevent their spread, either. That's why plant disease surveillance, improved detection systems, and global predictive disease modeling are necessary to mitigate future disease outbreaks and protect the global food supply.


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