01 Apr, 2021

News Feed - March 14-30

by Alessandro Balduzzi

UN agency warns of growing hunger threat in Myanmar

Food and fuel prices are rising across Myanmar, posing a “looming threat” to food security as the violent fallout from the 1 February military coup continues, the UN’s World Food Programme warns.

Financial Times

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Drought in Madagascar: how can communities adapt to climate change?

Southern Madagascar has been experiencing ongoing drought since 2019. Roughly 1.3 million people – more than one in three people in the area– have become food insecure in what the World Food Program (WFP) describes as “famine-like conditions,” compounded by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Landscape News

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Venice refugee restaurant tells migrants' journeys via food

The Orient Experience restaurant in Venice offers dishes from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and Greece, just to name a few countries. Its geographically diverse menu represents an ever-growing record of the migrants working in the restaurant and their long, perilous journeys to Europe.


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Middle East weighs agri-tech solutions as pandemic underscores urgency of food security

GCC members import some 90 percent of their food. Although they managed to avoid mass shortages during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, the crisis has certainly given Arab capitals plenty to chew over concerning their long-term food security.

Arab News

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