16 Mar, 2020

News Feed - Mar. 9 - 15

by Food&Migration

Somalia Food Security Outlook, February to September 2020

Desert locusts and floods pose a risk of Crisis (IPC Phase 3) in many areas by mid-2020


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The Changing face of Urban Food Systems: UrbanKissan 

The majority of the World’s future population will live in urban areas in the near future as we witness a mass migration to the cities due to climate impact, related health hazards and associated risks. Feeding the planet ’s population will be one of humanity's greatest challenges by 2050.

Krishi Jagram

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WMO Reports on 2019’s High-Impact Climate Events

The report highlights the physical indicators of climate change, such as increasing land and ocean heat, ocean acidification and deoxygenation, accelerating sea level rise and melting ice. It also addresses the impacts of weather and climate events on socio-economic development, human health, migration and displacement, food security, and land and marine ecosystems.


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