09 Mar, 2020

News Feed - Mar. 2 - 8

by Food&Migration

Women migrants from Bangladesh need skills, returnees need support 

Imparting proper education and skill training to the country’s women migrant workers before sending them abroad can ensure safe migration and better remittance, according to migration experts. Sending educated and skilled women workers abroad may not translate into panacea for all problems but it would certainly improve the situation exceedingly.

New Age Bangladesh

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Venezuelan women: The unseen victims of the humanitarian crisis

In response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis, and the political and economic instability in the country, approximately 5.3 million refugees and migrants have left Venezuela. Among the victims of this crisis, there is one group in society that has been disproportionately affected by the ever-changing situation and by the difficult decision to migrate—Venezuelan women. 

Atlantic Council

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China at Risk of Locust Invasion if Overseas Plagues Persist, Officials Warn

China may be at risk of a locust invasion from neighboring countries India and Pakistan, officials have warned. According to China's National Forest and Grassland Administration, the possibility remains "relatively small" and the risk to China's forest and grass resources is "low"—but desert locusts could cause a problem if plagues in neighboring countries persist.


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Poverty gap fueling north-south migration in Nigeria

Mustapha Abdullahi spent his childhood in constant hunger "roaming the streets for food" in his village in northern Nigeria, unsure when his next meal would arrive. Like many living in areas where opportunities are scarce, he knew he had to move. When he turned 12 he travelled south to Nigeria's commercial megacity, Lagos.

Dispatch Live

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Boosting international trade: Philippines seeks food safety gains for exports to reduce recalls

The Philippines is developing local reference standards to raise the quality control and monitoring of exported food products, and as such reduce the probability of these being rejected overseas and resulting in forced recalls. 

Foodnavigator - Asia

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