23 Mar, 2020

News Feed - Mar. 16 - 22

by Food&Migration

Food industry shutdowns huge concern to UN migration agency during pandemic

The importance of treating migrants with dignity and respect has not changed, UN migration agency (IOM), spokesperson Joel Millman has told UN News, adding that the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on migrants, highly represented in the food industry, which is now seeing widespread shutdowns, is 'a huge concern' to the agency.

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How Hungary's Orban blamed migrants for coronavirus

As the first corona patient was reported, Viktor Orban's government quickly resorted to its anti-migration ploys. The first patent seemed to be an Iranian student – studying legally in Hungary - so "migration is responsible for the spread of epidemic".


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Cabbages and kings: how Georgian royals brought continental food to the British menu

An influx of European immigrants – both royals and commoners – to Britain in the 18th century saw many new, foreign dishes trickle down the social hierarchy, influencing the food that we still eat today. Here, historians Adam Crymble, Rachel Rich and Lisa Smith consider the impact of continental cuisine on the Great British menu.


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