30 Jun, 2021

News Feed - June 16-30

by Alessandro Balduzzi

Indigenous Peoples’ food systems: Insights on sustainability and resilience from the front line of climate change

From the Arctic to the Amazon, the traditional food-gathering techniques of indigenous communities are under threat from accelerating climate change and economic pressures, the UN says. Food systems used by different indigenous peoples were found to be among the world’s most sustainable in terms of efficiency, avoiding waste and adapting to the season, according to the latest report “Indigenous Peoples’ food systems: Insights on sustainability and resilience from the front line of climate change” by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).

Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN

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Food security and reform agenda

Pakistan’s pride in being an agricultural country, having the world’s largest irrigation system and famous five rivers automatically generates a feeling of food security. However, Pakistan’s ranking at 80, with an overall score of 52.3, by the Global Food Security Index suffices to give us a reality check.


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Remittances aren’t talked about much in discussions of northern migration. They should be.

In discussions of illegal immigration to the United States, remittances hardly figure in the picture, especially in the mainstream media and among the commentariat. But they should.

Dry sounding “workers’ remittances” represent money that migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador send back home to their families and communities. By any measure, remittances have more transformative economic power in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala than all U.S. aid contributions to those countries combined.

The Washington Post

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'China should not impose sustainability clauses that hinder its food security'

China will continue to have a great appetite for Brazilian commodities despite the challenges of guaranteeing sustainability in meat and soybean production chains, according to Larissa Wachholz, head of the China Center at Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture. The Asian country’s "absolute priority", she says, is to ensure food security. 

Diálogo Chino

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