18 Jun, 2020

News Feed - June 1-15

by Food&Migration

Coronavirus lockdown leaves hundreds of thousands of migrants without food in Russia

The migrants, mainly from Central Asia, are unable to return to their countries.

ABC News

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In the Gulf, migrant workers bear the brunt of the pandemic

The Gulf states have a duty to include low-income migrant workers in their COVID-19 policy responses.


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Agriculture: Can it provide relief to returnee migrants and vulnerable populations?

The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing global recession threaten the living standards, and especially food security, of Nepali families that are dependent on remittances from migration. 

The Himalayan Times

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'I lost my mind': Ethiopian migrants forced home empty-handed by coronavirus

When Rita Alemu realised the plane she had boarded in Dubai had taken her back home to Ethiopia, she burst into tears as she knew she would never recover more than a year’s unpaid wages. 


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Indians are Protesting the Hunger Crisis and Migrant Deaths Triggered By the Coronavirus Lockdown

Migrants demand justice and food security in country-wide protests, after losing their jobs and being forced to return home.


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Food security in the Indo-Pacific following COVID-19

The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) has produced a rapid assessment report on food security in the Indo-Pacific. It seeks to understand the effect that COVID-19 may have on food security in the region.

East Asia Forum

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How coronavirus shutdown affected Qatar's migrant workers

Despite the government's stimulus package, migrant workers employed by private companies are struggling to survive.


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