14 Jun, 2021

News Feed - June 1-15

by Alessandro Balduzzi

Food security isn’t enough. Anti-hunger experts say the focus should be on nutrition security.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “food security” to describe consistent access to food. According to many health professionals and policymakers, “food security” is an inadequate term. Instead, “nutrition security” emphasizes access, availability and affordability of foods that promote well-being and prevent or treat disease, not just foods that provide calories.

The Washington Post

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As more climate migrants cross borders seeking refuge, laws will need to adapt

Climate change is a major factor forcing Central Americans, left with no other option, to flee their homes, as the dual threats of drought and extreme weather have destroyed crops and productive farmland. Still, no legal framework for climate-driven migrants exists yet.

The Conversation

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Rise in Turkish food prices sparks fears of shortages

Turkey, a major agricultural producer, might find itself grappling with water shortages and food insecurity in the next decade unless it takes action to address growing problems in its agricultural sector.

Al Monitor

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Access to food is a  fundamental human right. Yet in 2020, 155 million people faced severe food insecurity. Food prices are perilously climbing to heights like those that have sparked food crises and riots in many parts of the world during the last two decades. To prevent the situation from worsening, it has also to do with the capacity of a country to produce food at home and import it from abroad.


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