15 Jul, 2021

News Feed - July 1-15

by Alessandro Balduzzi

COVID Has Pushed Hundreds of Millions Into Hunger Worldwide

Pandemic and higher food prices fuel sharp rise in global hunger. Increase of 320m who lost access to adequate nutrition last year is equal to previous five years combined, says UN.


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Deforestation causing rural to urban migration in Pakistan

Deforestation is causing rural to urban migration and warming in Sindh as the provincial and federal governments could still not ensure the plantation of required trees. Cattle herders and subsistence farmers are evicted as influential people turn riverine forests into farm, a report says.


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India has a hidden COVID-19 crisis of food 

With the pandemic inducing lockdowns and affecting migration patterns, food security is the unexpected collateral damage, says Vani Swarupa Murali (National University of Singapore). During the first wave, images emerged of a mass exodus from the major cities with countless people walking – sometimes more than 700 kilometres – back to their villages, many not surviving the journey.


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Iranian Official Warns About Rising Elite Emigration

The head of Iran Migration Observatory (IMO), Bahram Salavati, has warned about a possible “surge in migration” after the Covid-19 pandemic. "Cases of migration for the purpose of work and higher education are fewer since the pandemic began but more people are seeking asylum abroad now," Salavati said

Iran International

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