20 Jan, 2020

News Feed - January 13-19

by Food&Migration

Craving colorful, but natural: Growing appetite for farm-grown dyes takes bite out of synthetic pigments market 

Consumer appetite for artificial food dyes is waning, motivating more formulators to switch out artificial dyes for farm-grown “coloring foods.” Vibrant and shelf-stable plant-based food pigments are in high demand this year, with significant attention paid to eye-catching shades that tick both clean label and sustainable boxes. The expansion of the plant-based meat space, meanwhile, is opening up broader applications for natural colors.

Food Ingredients First

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Greek Government Announces Establishment Of New Ministry Of Migration

The Greek government announced on Wednesday the establishment of the new Ministry of Migration and Asylum as part of efforts to solve migration problems. The news was announced by government spokesman Stelios Petsas who was aired by the ERT public broadcaster.

Urdu Point

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EU praised on human rights despite failures on migration policy

The European Union has been praised for its willingness to tackle human rights challenges in EU states and the rest of the world in 2019. The NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) wrote that EU institutions paid greater attention to assuring the rule of law in 2019, in its annual report on human rights around the world. However there are criticisms over the problem of rising intolerance against minorities, and the failure to coordinate a successful response to the issue of migration left “migrants and refugees paying the price,” the report argues.

Euro News

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