15 Jan, 2021

News Feed - January 1-15

by Food&Migration

The food trends set to be popular in 2021, according to Waitrose

Last year it was all about whipped coffee, cactus water and plant-based proteins, but in 2021 it’s zhoug, amchoor and black garlic you’ll be seeing on the menu, according to Waitrose.


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FAO warns desert locusts continue to migrate in East Africa

Countries urged to maintain necessary survey and control operations

Anadolu Agency

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2020-2021 Immigration in a COVID-19 World

A year ago, very few people would have predicted that we would live through a pandemic in our lifetime. Until mid-March 2020, very few people used (or even thought) about the word pandemic, except when fueled by the occasional horror movie.


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Food Insecurity Vs. Food Waste: Producers and Manufacturers Can Affect the Balance

One of the most controversial social topics today is the status of the world’s food supply.

Food Safety Tech

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