16 Dec, 2019

News Feed - Dec. 9/15

by Food&Migration

Climate change threatens food supplies if growing regions are hit simultaneously with extreme weather

Climate change threatens food supplies if extreme weather conditions hit more than one grain producing region at a time, scientists warned Monday.

The Japan Times

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Fostering Sustainable Urbanization and Rural-Urban Linkages

As urbanization continues apace, coupled with rapid population growth and rural to urban migration, the challenges for inclusive rural transformation continue, and the importance of fostering improved rural-urban linkages for better food systems becomes increasingly important.

Inter Press Service

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‘It’s time to focus on near-term collapses’, says Cambridge climate expert

As the UN Climate Change Conference continues in Madrid until Friday (13 December), a Cambridge expert is calling for a major shift in how climate change is discussed - by stressing the immediate dangers rather than projecting ahead to 2050 or even 2100.

Cambridge Independent

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EuroLat: serious concern about migration and support to multilateral trade

The worsening migration situation in Latin America and Europe worries parliamentarians in both regions, who also warn against increasing trade protectionism.

European Parliament - News

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Young scientists urged to work for food security through conventional methods

We are relying on you, and will surely depend on you  if we are to become self-sufficient in food,” Demba Trawally, acting deputy director general of the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) told 25 young scientists, who are  currently being trained in plant breeding.

The Point

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