20 Apr, 2020

News Feed - Apr. 13-19

by Food&Migration

Are western Europe's food supplies worth more than east European workers' health? 

The coronavirus threat facing fruit and vegetable pickers flown in from quarantined Romania underlines Europe’s inequalities.

The Guardian

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Will Coronavirus Create a Food Shortage?

Empty shelves in grocery stores and food riots are not going to help the Trump administration’s narrative that it did everything right.

The National Interest

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We simulated how a modern dust bowl would impact global food supplies and the result is devastating

When the southern Great Plains of the US were blighted with a series of droughts in the 1930s, it had an unparalled impact on the whole country. Combined with decades of ill-advised farming policy, the result was the Dust Bowl. 

The Conversation

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Coronavirus in India: Migrants running away from quarantine

Thousands of Indians who fled cities to return to their villages after the government imposed a coronavirus lockdown have been running away from quarantine centres.


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COVID-19 is another wake up call for food security

With lockdowns ordered to contain the COVID-19 pandemic—that has reached 183 countries, infected over 1.7 million people and caused over 100,000 deaths—there are fears of food shortages caused by panic buying and supply chain disruptions.


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